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The 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Foundation Think Tank with a Global Focus on Cybersecurity, AI Ethics and Governance

Are you a news organization, podcast host, or media group seeking authoritative insights on AI governance, ethics, or cybersecurity? Our industry experts specialize in exploring the depths of artificial intelligence, offering valuable collaboration for newspaper articles, podcasts, TV interviews, radio segments, and print media.

At Theia Institute, our AI and governance thought-leaders are dedicated to providing fresh, insightful perspectives on AI-related topics. Whether your program requires a detailed analysis, a quote or a brief expert opinion, we're excited to enrich your content with our knowledge and expertise.

Contact us to elevate your programming with valuable insights into the ever-evolving world of AI.

About Theia Institute Theia Institute: Pioneering Non-Profit in Research and Analysis for AI Governance We are a distinguished non-profit research organization based in Washington DC, dedicated to education, advancing policy and decision-making through rigorous research and comprehensive analysis. While some might refer to us as a think tank, we believe 'research organization' captures the essence of our work more accurately. Our commitment to a non-ideological and unbiased approach sets us apart in the realm of AI governance and public policy. Our Focus Areas At Theia Institute, we delve into a variety of critical subjects to guide future policy and business decisions: AI Governance: Navigating the complex landscape of artificial intelligence and its implications on society. Education: Enhancing educational systems and methodologies through data-driven insights. Cybersecurity: Addressing the evolving challenges in digital security and information safety. Public Policy: Crafting well-informed policies that resonate with contemporary societal needs. Business Analysis: Providing strategic insights for businesses in an increasingly data-driven world. Our Approach Our methodology is rooted in objective research and analysis. By maintaining a non-partisan stance, Theia Institute ensures that its findings and recommendations are solely driven by data and facts, not by ideological biases. This approach enables us to provide clear, actionable insights for policymakers, educators, business leaders, and other stakeholders. Why Choose Theia Institute? Expertise in AI and Policy: Our team comprises leading experts in AI, public policy, and related fields, bringing a wealth of knowledge to our research. Non-Ideological Perspective: We prioritize unbiased analysis to offer clear, objective insights. Impactful Research: Our work aims to effect meaningful change in policy and decision-making processes. Washington DC Base: Strategically located in the heart of policy-making in the USA, enabling us to stay connected with key decision-makers and trends. Get Involved Interested in contributing to or learning more about our research in AI governance and policy analysis? Visit us at Theia Institute's official website for the latest updates, research publications, and information on how you can be a part of our mission. At Theia Institute, we are committed to improving the world through informed and meticulous research. Join us in our journey to shape a better future, driven by knowledge and innovation in AI governance and policy analysis. Accessing Our Research Discover Theia Institute's Extensive Research Resources Are you interested in exploring the depth of our research in AI governance, public policy, and related fields? The Theia Institute proudly offers a treasure trove of reports and white papers, accessible to all who seek knowledge and insight. Complimentary Access: Our comprehensive collection of research publications is available at no cost. Simply visit our website at Theia Institute's Research Library to delve into a world of information. Usage Guidelines: We welcome and encourage the citation of our research in news articles, academic papers, and other publications. Please include a link to our website for reference. For Journalists and Media Professionals Engage with Our Research Team Journalists and media professionals looking to connect with Theia Institute for insights, expert opinions, or clarifications can reach us at the following: Press Inquiries: Please direct your questions and interview requests to Our team is ready to assist with providing detailed information and expert commentary on our research findings and ongoing projects. At Theia Institute, we believe in the power of shared knowledge and open communication. Whether you are a researcher, student, journalist, or simply a curious mind, our extensive library of research is a gateway to understanding the complexities and potentials of AI governance and policy development. Explore our resources and engage with us to be a part of the conversation shaping our future. Engaging with Theia Institute: Media and Communication Guidelines TV Interview Arrangements with Theia Institute Experts In-Person and Remote TV Interviews Locations: Our founders and analysts are available for in-person interviews in the greater Washington DC area, New York City, and Silicon Valley. Remote Interviews: We are well-equipped to conduct interviews via Zoom or other remote platforms. Studio Visits: Our analysts are also willing to travel to TV studios for live interviews. Radio Interviews with Theia Institute Panelists Expert Voices on Radio To arrange radio interviews with our panelists and analysts, please reach out to us at Requesting Photos from Theia Institute High-Quality Imagery for Media Use For high-resolution photos of Theia Institute, our events, or our experts, please send your requests to Accessing Theia Institute's Video Content Multimedia Resources for Your Use Multimedia Site: Explore our dedicated multimedia site for a range of videos. YouTube Channel: You can find additional videos on our YouTube channel, which allows for easy embedding in your site. Audio Resources from Theia Institute Podcasts and Audio Files News Events and Podcasts: Select news events and our ongoing podcast series can be accessed at @TheiaInstitute. For Student Journalists Connecting with Our Experts Student journalists are encouraged to reach out to While we strive to accommodate all requests, please note that our researchers' availability may be limited due to their commitments. Additional Inquiries Theia Institute’s Media Relations Support For any other media-related questions or to set up interviews with our experts, please contact our media relations team. We assist with news releases, advisories, and coordinating op-eds for publication. Theia Institute is committed to fostering open communication and collaboration with the media. Whether you're a seasoned journalist or a student starting out, we're here to provide access to our research and experts, enhancing public understanding of AI governance, policy analysis, and related fields.

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